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4 Reel Kings

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4 Reel Kings Slot Needs Patience

Novomatic’s 4 Reel Kings slot delivers better-than-average prizes compared to some other slots, especially among its lower-value symbols, but the game does have quite a high variance, so the biggest winning combos don’t come up too often. To play 4 Reel Kings with a decent chance of success, players need both the budget and the patience to play the slot long-term, though the game’s top prizes can make this style of play rewarding.

4 Reel Kings is inspired by the success of Novomatic’s Reel Kings title, and features the same mixture of fruit machine icons, poker symbols and moneybags. The twist is that there are four 5X3 reel sets on the screen, and with each bet, the player spins one set of reels. So it takes four paid spins to complete a round. Ethereal music accompanies the action, breaking into a run of scales and a musical beep to celebrate each winning payline; it can be quite hypnotic during long-term play and fun to couple with an online round of Keno to enjoy together..

20 Paylines per Reel Set

Each 4 Reel Kings reel set has 20 fixed paylines. To adjust total bets according to budgets, players can play from 1 to 500 coins per line, and also vary coin denominations from 0.01 to 40.00, so the title caters to really high rollers as well. All symbols must form matches of three or more in unbroken sequence, starting on Reel 1 and on the same payline, to win a prize.

Two familiar fruit machine symbols are 4 Reel Kings’ lowest-paying icons: a sprig of three cherries and a single olive. All the symbols are designed in rich, glossy 3D colours. For three, four or five matches, cherries or olives win 10, 20 or 40 times the payline bet.


Poker Symbols Have Higher Values

For a change, 4 Reel Kings does not assign low values to poker symbols. The 10, J, Q and K all produce mid-size wins, from 20X the line bet for three 10s or Js, to 200X for five Ks. A multi coloured jester’s hat is the 4 Reel Kings Wild.

The top-scoring symbol in 4 Reel Kings base play is a bag of money, gold coins spilling out the top. It wins 100, 200 or 500 times the line bet for three, four or five matches. It can also stack; the top prize for a reel set filled with moneybags is thus 10,000X the line bet.

Random Triggers to Bonus Game

The 4 Reel Kings logo sits at the top of the screen. During play, at random a winning payline will be celebrate with an extra clang on the sound effects, and the first character in the logo will light up. As spins progress through the four reel sets, subsequent parts of the logo may also light up, triggered by the number of wins on each spin.

If the entire word 4 Reel lights up within one round of four spins, the bonus game is triggered. Between three and five of the reels on a single set are replaced by single payline, three-reel slots fashioned as jolly fat Kings from the four card suits. The reel symbols are 7s of different colours along with card suits, with bonus prizes for 7s combos ranging from 40 to 500 times the line bet. Each King continues spinning as long as it racks up winning all-7 combos; when a spin doesn’t produce a win, the King disappears.